Tailored Treatment to Reset Your Body to It’s Best


“Before I went, I was a total Pain-Wreck. My Muscles all seized up. Pain unbearable….Khloe, working on my trigger-points put me back together and got me functioning again.”

Rob C.

I have had a neck problem since my mid twenties from a car accident. After the treatment my neck has been the best ever!!

Bron W.

“I have been to Khloe for pain and restricted motion in my right shoulder. She has not only managed to ease the pain considerably and restored full range of movement, she has shown me how to maintain and avoid further risk of injury”

Kylie M.


Reset Therapy Treatment

  • Persistent pain (more than 6 weeks)
  • Tried other treatments, yet haven’t fully recovered
  • Muscle strength enhancement
  • Feeling like your body is falling apart
  • Muscles all seized up
Who is this for?

This treatment is recommended for frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, ankle weakness and any pain or conditions that have not been helped in the past with standard treatments.

What's the method being used in this treatment?

Combination of Remedial techniques, Myotherapy, Advanced Trigger Point Therapy, Advanced Chronic Pain process, Neuromuscular Therapy and Muscle activation allowing your body to reset to its optimal state.

Who will be my therapist?

I am Khloe, the owner of Reset Mind Body Therapy.

I am an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist, Advanced Trigger Point and Chronic pain therapist,  Energy Healing practitioner and Holistic Coach.

I have done courses in Myotherapy, Myofascial release and Muscle activation and my clinical  and personal experience has led me to create a new therapy called the Reset Therapy.

I have a French background but done all my studies in Australia, mostly in Sydney. I graduated with a Diploma in Remedial Massage then went into further studies like Myotherapy (Fast and Functional), Muscle Activation, Advanced Trigger Point Therapy and Chronic Pain Solutions through the American Posture Institute. I am eager to learn the latest pain science solutions to bring relief to my clients in the most effective way.

I have also studied holistic coaching and energy healing as I believe that the more holistically you work with the body better the results.

What will happen after the consultation?

After our consultation you will have more insight on what is causing your pain and discomfort. A tailored treatment plan will be discussed.

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Reset Therapy


“How the Reset Therapy treatment can help me when other treatments I’ve tried didn’t help much?”

Most people still live with pain daily after they’ve tried various treatments until they try the Reset Therapy holistic and hands-on pain relief approach.

Common pains & conditions I can help with:

Back pain

Neck pain

Frozen shoulder


Joint pain


Do you experience persistent pain like:

  • Tried various treatments and they just didn’t work?
  • Thought the pain would ‘self-heal’ but it never did?
  • Injuries from an accident still haven’t fully recovered?
  • Refusing to work because the pain becoming unbearable?
  • Not being able to play sports because of the pain?
  • Muscles all seized up and not listening to you?

“My shoulder was frozen due to an injury. I had been having physio and acupuncture which was helping manage the pain but not much else…after the treatment I already had a better range of motion…I almost have full range back.”

Jasmin S.

“Like many others I came across Khloe on Facebook. Wasn’t that just the best phone call I ever made. She is just fabulous and professional.”

Karen B.

“I’ve been in pain for 12 days straight with multiple migraines & yucky headaches. At the end of my tether, I visited Khloe. Not only did she FIX me but she also educated me to prevent a reoccurrence!”

Anya D.

What happens when I book a consultation ?

1. Initial Assessment

I will ask you some questions about your condition and do a physical assessment so I can assess how I can best help you.

2. Get A Customised Treatment Plan

Based on the assessment, I will tailor a treatment plan for you to reset your body to its optimal state

3. Say Goodbye to Pain

Follow through the treatment plan and you will regain your range of motion gradually and naturally

“I decided to book an treatment with Khloe. After many years of pain I feel 100% better! Highly recommended.”

Robert S.

“I got a treatment for my scoliosis and sciatica, I can see and feel a big improvement in my back and hips pain.”

Tane H.

“My 16 year old daughter has not just improved but excelled. Her head aches are gone and her posture is back!

Evelina K.

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