Will the Reset Therapy treatment hurt?

Most people think that if they want to relieve pain, they must go through pain (No pain, no gain), but this is not the case with this approach.

I believe that it does not have to hurt to help.

The approach of this treatment is all about relaxation and working with your nervous system instead of going against your body. When you understand why the body is seizing up (to protect you from injury) you can activate the other muscles around the area and teach the brain that it is now safe to move. Nothing is forced I am working with you and your body not against it.

You will start to trust that you can move without pain and your range of movement will gradually improve as well as your strength.

Do I need to prepare anything for the initial assessment?

You can bring your X-rays, MRI results if you want. I will ask you some questions about your current conditions and your health history. The more specific you are the better I will be able to help you.

Will this treatment help me even if I've already tried physio and acupuncture?

Most of my clients have also tried various treatments in the past.

The Reset Therapy treatment is unique with a combination of Remedial Therapy, Myotherapy, Advanced Trigger Point, Advanced Chronic Pain processes,  Neuromuscular Therapy and  Muscle Activation which allows your body to reset to its optimal state.

After our initial consultation you will understand your body better and be empowered to follow through your tailored treatment plan.

How many sessions will I need ?

I will be able to tell you with more clarity  how many sessions you will need for optimal results after the initial assessment.

But typically, a course of treatments is recommended for best results if you are looking at resolving the cause.

What will happen during the initial consultation?

I will ask you questions regarding your current condition and your health history, a physical assessment will be conducted in order to provide an effective treatment plan, which seeks to treat the original biomechanical dysfunction, as well as the symptoms.

The health history form is important as I need to know if you have any medical conditions, contraindications or if you are taking any medications.

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“Before I went, I was a total Pain-Wreck. My Muscles all seized up. Pain unbearable….Khloe, working on my trigger-points put me back together and got me functioning again.”

Rob C.

I have had a neck problem since my mid twenties from a car accident. After the treatment my neck has been the best ever!!

Bron W.

“I have been to Khloe for pain and restricted motion in my shoulder. She has not only managed to ease the pain considerably and restored full range of movement, she has shown me how to maintain and avoid further risk of injury.”

Kylie M.

No one should live with chronic pain.

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