Do you want to know how to relieve the pain in your shoulder/neck from holding a phone between your ear and shoulder?

Short answer: get a phone headset

This can have a significantly positive impact to your health and help you avoid bad posture leading to days off work due to pain or injuries.

Certain headsets can reduce muscle tension by up to 41% .

You will have less strain on your hands from holding the phone in the same position for a long period of time.

A wireless headset, in particular, allows you to move about more freely, which makes it easier for you to type on a computer keyboard, then turn and consult paperwork without the hassle of a cord.

It also allows you to get up from your desk and walk over to check files without having to put the caller on hold.

Your productivity will increase if you are not in constant pain and unable to perform at the best of your ability.

A phone headset will be a small investment for your manager in comparison to you missing work…