Unlock your Body with The Scar Whisperer

The Scar Whisperer – Online Coaching to Unlock your Body 

Welcome to The Scar Whisperer

I am Khloe and I would be honored to be your guide

I am an Myofascial Therapist & Energy Healer

After working one to one in a clinical setting with over 2000 clients I knew it was time to show people how to Unlock their body at home.

I have been in the field of body science, neuroscience for the body and the mind, energy healing, holistic coaching & self-development for the last 10 years.


Who is this program for:

  • You have had any surgery including: Cesarean, emmergency C-section, hysterectomy, key hole surgery, arthroscopy, shoulder reconstruction, hip replacement, thyroid removal, breast surgery enhancement or removal, tummy tuck, mole removal …
  • You have scars from hurting yourself when you were younger 
  • You just want to understand your body better and why it sometimes locks up or it feels stiff and no amount of stretches or foam rolling seems to help. 

After working with numerous clients to help them reset their body to be pain free I came across a signifiant numbers of people who had scars, surgeries, tattos or piercings.

My interest for scars and their impact on the body and health grew everyday and I could see some life changing results in my clients after doing the scar work. 

Scars is not a subject that is talked about enough as the common belief is if the skin is healed then the scar doesn’t affect us anymore. 

This is far from the truth! 


Our body is surrounded by connective tissue, every muscles and organs are wrapped in connective tissue called fascia. Imagine a spider web that wraps around everything in your body. 

When this film of connective tissue is cut through during surgery or any other event, the body is going through a healing process and the skin heals soon enough.

But if the connective tissue is not restored to it’s original imprint the communication to the nervous system can be impacted. 

Often scars can tightened the surrounding tissue and restrict movement or function in your body.

These restrictions can affect the joints, limb or surrounding area and can affect the underlying organs too.

The scar tissue can spread in any direction including internally. throughout the body.


This online coaching program is going to show you the steps to restore the communication between the fascia and the nervous system so you can unlock your body from restriction of movement to restoring function and health. 


After following the steps of releasing your scars through this online you can experience the following benefits:

  • reduce stress in the body
  • reduce pain level throughout the body
  • improve organ function
  • the release of fascia can help eliminate emotional blockages and increase energy


The Scar Whisperer – Online program is designed to help you understand your body better especially if you have had scars, surgeries, tattoos, piercings. So many people are suffering in silence and might not know that their suffering can be helped with scar release. The emotional release that follow through can be significant as our body can hold on emotion and scars can be a gateway to energy leakage (life force). 


Do you spend some time at the gym or exercising and for some reason you don’t feel some muscles activating during those activities and you feel fustrated and think that it is your fault that you are not working out enough and that something is wrong with you?

It might be because of some scars in your body and when you understand their impact you will stop blamming yourself and start to get the results you so deeply want! 

So if you are  ready to join me on this journey to Unlock your Body you can book your free online consultation to discuss your specific needs. 


”Our scars makes us beautiful. Our trials make us strong. Our journeys make us unique. – D.Orner”